Wyckoff VSA Stock Scanner

If you trade stocks and commodities our Stock Scanning System will help you identify and monitor potential trading in your preferred exchanges 

Stock Scanning System

This Tradeguider standalone EOD (End of Day) software enables you to scan for stocks that are over-performing or under-performing the index

This is a completely separate software tool which you download and install. Unlike our other software it does not work with any third party platform. It requires a separate data feed.

The Stock Scanner uses proprietary relative strength analysis techniques to run various checks. It is unique in its ability to assess combined performance over both the up and down-legs of a stock's price movement. The result is a uniquely powerful VSA stock scanner.

Once a stock scan is completed you can add symbols from the list of over- and under-performing stocks to your trading platform and monitor them using SMART Center, or SMART Center Pro. This is a highly effective combination for finding stocks and then trading them, whatever your trading style

We have arranged a special deal with MetaStock which gives you 2 months of free data. click here for more details

See the Stock Scanner in action

Stock Scanning System | Tradeguider

Data Feed

  • Please note the Stock Scanning software will require its own separate data feed from our partner, MetaStock, which provides end-of-day data


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