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Semi-automated trading package. Trade any market, any trading style, any time frame


$299 lease monthly $3,999 purchase outright

Works with the following trading platforms

InfinityFutures | Tradeguider
MetaTrader | Tradeguider
MetaTrader 5 | Tradeguider
Ninja Trader | Tradeguider
Sierra Chart | Tradeguider
TradeStation | Tradeguider

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SMART Center the perfect package for you?

Take advantage of semi-automated trading via our SMART Technology so you can focus on executing your trading plan consistently. Comes with four pre-set strategies for scalp trading, longer term investing and countertrend trading

  • SMART Technology

    Automatically monitors scanners looking for trend alignment across multiple time frames. Filtering techniques provide Wyckoff VSA trade setups with an accuracy of over 70%. Visible and audible alerts are generated when trading setups are identified

    Click Here for more details on SMART technology
  • Wyckoff VSA Tools

    Wyckoff VSA indicators and confirmation tools alert you to a market turn and the volume thermometer bar gives the relative amount of bullish or bearish volume

  • Trending Tools

    Two different trending tools indicate down trends, up trends and congestion, whether for short term minor-trend changes or medium term higher-level assessments of market movements

  • Trade Management Tools

    This instructional video (below) shows how we use SMART Center elements to identify trading opportunities and then enter, manage, and exit trades

  • SMART Strategies

    Four pre-set strategies cover the needs of scalp traders (both 1-5min and 5-30min time frames), stock investors, and countertrend traders. This is all laid out in an easy-to-understand way and is integrated with the tools in the software

  • ABCs of Wyckoff VSA Course

    This six-part course provides information about the tools, strategies and principles used in Wyckoff VSA and trading as a whole

See Tradeguider SMART Center in action

This instructional video shows how we use Tradeguider SMART Center to identify trading opportunities and then enter, manage, and exit trades

Trader profile
  • Professional traders
  • Perfect for accounts of $10,000 and above
  • Heard of volume but still uses technical analysis tools
  • Wants to improve consistency, confidence, structure and efficiency
Looking for
  • The major thing you’re missing in your trading
  • More profitability 
  • Better timing - not staying in a trade too long or not getting out too soon
  • Minimising drawdowns
SMART Center benefits
  • Save 80% charting time with SMART Technology
  • Choose from 4 trading strategies for scalp, stock and countertrend trading
  • Benefitting from SMART audible alerts for signals and setups so you aren’t tied to the charts
  • Gaining from following an organised, proven methodology

Tradeguider SMART Center: lease monthly or purchase outright

Full-feature breakdown of our packages

Packages to suit part-time, full-time, professional, or institutional traders

  • Over 300 VSA indicators
  • Medium term trending tool
  • Short term trending tool
  • Volume thermometer
  • Relative volume tool
  • Email notifications
  • Stop management tool
  • Scan medium term trend in up to 10 time frames
  • Scan up to 25 markets simultaneously
  • Scan for confirmation signals in up to 10 time frames
  • Provide audible alert for change in trend
  • SMART trading strategies
  • Scan volume thermometer in multiple time frames
  • Configure confirmation signals
  • Configure trend tools settings
  • Scan for retracement level analysis
  • Scan using trigger bar analysis
  • Complete tool configuration

Chart Center


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Chart Center

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SMART Center


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SMART Center

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SMART Center Pro

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