Chart Center

Complete Wyckoff VSA chart analysis solution for any market, any trading style and any time frame


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Works with the following trading platforms

InfinityFutures | Tradeguider
MetaTrader4 | Tradeguider
MetaTrader 5 | Tradeguider
NinjaTrader | Tradeguider
Sierra Chart | Tradeguider
TradeStation | Tradeguider

Is Tradeguider
Chart Center the perfect package for you?

Plug-and-play charting and analysis package that helps you benefit from Wyckoff VSA fast. The software tools help you trade in harmony with the professionals

  • Sequential Scanners

    Up to 25 trading instruments can be scanned simultaneously across 10 time frames to show trend alignment

  • Wyckoff VSA Tools

    Wyckoff VSA Indicators and Wyckoff VSA Confirmation tools alert you to a market turn and the Volume Thermometer Bar gives the relative amount of bullish or bearish volume

  • Trending Tools

    Trending tools indicate down trends, up trends and congestion, whether in the short term for minor trend changes, or in the medium term for a higher level view of market movement

  • Trade Management Tools

    The Tracker Stop system suggests stop loss settings on a bar-by-bar basis and follows the price up or down depending on whether you are long or short

    The point where historical trend lines intersect is known as a 'trend cluster'. A rectangular block will be displayed on the right side of the chart. Trend clusters represent strong areas of resistive price levels and are extremely useful for determining an exit

  • TrendSetter Trading Strategy

    This easy-to-follow strategy, which is integrated with the tools within the software, breaks the trading process down into a series of stages and a set of trading rules

  • ABCs of VSA Course

    This modular course provides supporting information about the tools, strategies and principles used in Wyckoff VSA Chart Center package

See Chart Center in action

This instructional video shows you how we use the Tradeguider Chart Center elements to analyze charts, identify trading opportunities, and enter, manage and exit trades

Trader profile
  • Retail/hobby traders & investors
  • Perfect for accounts of $5,000 upwards
  • Familiar with technical analysis tools
  • Has limited familiarity with volume or Wyckoff VSA
Looking for
  • A system to rely on
  • A way to improve performance without lengthy learning
  • Confidence
Chart Center benefits
  • Trade with greater confidence and lower risk
  • Quick-to-learn rules-based strategy saves time
  • Email alerts so you don’t miss an opportunity
  • Management tools help managing and exiting a trade

Tradeguider Chart Center: lease monthly or purchase outright

Full-feature breakdown of our packages

Packages to suit part-time, full-time, professional, or institutional traders

  • Over 300 VSA indicators
  • Medium term trending tool
  • Short term trending tool
  • Volume thermometer
  • Relative volume tool
  • Email notifications
  • Stop management tool
  • Scan medium term trend in up to 10 time frames
  • Scan up to 25 markets simultaneously
  • Scan for confirmation signals in up to 10 time frames
  • Provide audible alert for change in trend
  • SMART trading strategies
  • Scan volume thermometer in multiple time frames
  • Configure confirmation signals
  • Configure trend tools settings
  • Scan for retracement level analysis
  • Scan using trigger bar analysis
  • Complete tool configuration

Chart Center


$1,999 full purchase

Chart Center

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SMART Center


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SMART Center

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SMART Center Pro


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SMART Center Pro

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